Proper vehicle maintenance is key to extending the life of your vehicle and reduce potential costs of major repairs. Performing routine maintenance will allow your vehicle to get over 250,000 miles with little to no major breakdowns.

There is confusion about maintenance these days. When should a vehicle’s oil be changed? When does my vehicle require a maintenance service? Does my vehicle tell me when I am due for an oil change or service?

At D&R Autoworks we follow the guidelines of both your vehicle manufacturer and the product manufacturer. The vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance will sometimes differ from the fluid and part manufacturer. Every vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance intervals are different. Fluids, oils, filters, and emission components require service at different mileage or time-based intervals.


What is the best way to maintain your vehicle and get the most life from your it?


At D&R Autoworks, we recommend changing your oil every 4 months or 4,000 miles for vehicle with conventional oil or a synthetic blend oil and 6 months or 6,0000 miles for vehicles with full synthetic.

D&R Autoworks
The picture shows the intake and exhaust camshafts from a 2005 Nissan VQ35 cylinder head with 185,000 miles. D&R Autoworks has serviced the vehicle since new, and we have changed the oil every 4,000 miles for the customer. We inspected the intake and exhaust camshafts and found minimal to no wear.
cylinder head
The picture shows another Nissan VQ35 cylinder head with 110,000 miles, both intake and exhaust camshafts removed, with major sludge build up throughout the engine. This was the customers first visit to D&R Autoworks with a noise complaint from the engine. When asked the customer stated they changed the oil about every 6,000 to 7,000 miles.


What is the Difference between an oil change and a maintenance service?


Most vehicle manufacturers require an oil change service by itself in between its major maintenance service inspection. There are additional services such as air filter(s), cabin filter(s), transmission fluid, antifreeze, tire rotations, and much more that your vehicle also requires service on a routine basis. Following the proper maintenance will prevent systems from premature wear and help prolong the life of the major systems. A maintenance interval will also include a specific inspection of the vehicle to inspect for parts that can fail from normal wear and tear. As most vehicles, parts, driving habits vary, your vehicle can have parts that fail at various times. Performing routine inspections enables a technician to pinpoint a failing part prior to complete component failure.

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