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D&R Auto Works In Highland Park Is Your Full Service Tire Source!

Tires, Tire Repair And Maintenance

Tires, Tire Repair and Maintenance | D&R Autoworks

D&R Autoworks is an authorized Goodyear tire dealer that also offers many high-quality, name brand tires to meet or exceed your vehicle’s demands.

When it comes to tires for sale, our Highland Park auto center has you needs covered! No matter what you drive, we have tires for sale for everything from a daily commuter hybrid car to a 1-ton work truck.

Our expert Service Consultants are trained in advising you on the best tires for sale for your vehicle and budget. Once a decision is made, our expert technicians will install and computer-balance your tires to ensure your vehicle will ride quietly, smoothly, and safely. Remember, out-of-balance tires can reduce fuel economy and damage vital chassis components.

We don’t just offer tires for sale; we offer the complete package. Our Highland Park auto repair center offers free Lifetime Tire Rotations and Flat Tire Repair (offer only good with the purchase of four new tires along with 4-wheel alignment from D&R Autoworks). Tire rotations are limited to every 6 months/6000 miles, whichever comes first. (Does not cover tire road hazard warranty.)

Tip For Buying Tires For Sale

So what do all the numbers on the side of tires for sale mean?

Look in your automobile owner’s manual. There, you’ll find the size fitted to the car originally. Unless you’ve changed wheels, this measurement is the recommended size.

Here’s an illustration that should help you gain some important knowledge about your tires:

How To Read The Side Of Your Tires

1) P – Indicates a passenger (car-type) tire.

Other options would be no P indicating metric sizing (essentially the same as P-sizing, which has its heritage in Europe) or “LT” for light truck. LT tires are designed for heavier loads and more rugged service conditions.

2) Width of the tire, in millimeters.

The higher the number, the wider the tire.

3) Aspect ratio.

The height of the sidewall section compared to the width of the tire. For example, if this number was a 50, then the tire section is half as tall as it is wide. Short sidewalls deliver crisp handling. Tall sidewalls give a smoother ride. For a specific tire width, the smaller this number, the shorter the sidewall.

4) Construction.

“R” indicates radial construction. Unless you specify the other option, bias (which would have a “D” [diagonal] or “B” [belted bias] in this position instead of an “R”, you’re purchasing a radial tire.

5) Wheel Size Designation

In simple terms, this indicates the distance across the “doughnut hole” of a tire. You must match wheel diameter and the tire opening. A tire with a 15″ size designation will not work on a 14″ wheel, and vice-versa. Improper matching of wheel and tire size can cause serious injury or death during installation.

6) Service Description

Includes the load index (a number) and a speed symbol (a letter).

About load index, remember…keep the number the same as or greater than the original tire’s load index. That number stands for a specific weight carrying capability.

The key is the higher the number, the greater load carrying capacity. So keep the number the same or higher, because your tires are matched to the weight of the car. Never choose a tire with a lower load carrying capacity than the original equipment tire size.

As for the speed symbol, it means the tire is speed-rated on an indoor test wheel to the following speeds:

  • N = 87 mph
  • P = 93 mph
  • Q = 99 mph
  • S = 112 mph
  • T = 118 mph
  • Y = 188 mph
  • U = 124 mph
  • H = 130 mph
  • V = 149 mph
  • Z = 150+ mph
  • W = 169 mph

When you’re looking to purchase tires for sale, we recommend that the replacement tires match the speed symbol of the original tires since these match the speed capability of the vehicle.

If you need to purchase tires for sale, look no further than our Highland Park auto center. For details about our large tire inventory, contact us.

D&R Autoworks – Proudly providing the Highland Park area with quality tires for sale.

Why Choose D&R For Your Tires?

At D&R Autoworks, our staff is trained in providing the best options of tires for you and your vehicle’s needs. We spend countless hours researching all of the different tire manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers information and test driving the actual tires we sell, to assure you the best fitment for your vehicle and your driving habits possible.

We also provide competitive pricing that’s almost always less expensive than anyone else, including online companies. Call us for a complimentary tire consultation today!

How Does Pricing Compare at D&R?

D&R Autoworks resources the best values in quality tires and we have aligned ourselves to receive the best pricing in the industry, which we pass along to you, our customer.

Because D&R Autoworks is a full service facility we don’t need to cover our overhead on just selling tires, we can offer everyday pricing that’s better then almost any tire you will see on sale at a tire store or online company.

We also don’t force you to buy an alignment package to receive special pricing, however as a standard of the industry we highly recommend an alignment whenever you replace your tires.

Detailed Tire Price Comparison

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