Vehicle Exhaust System

Keep Control Of Your Emissions

At D&R Autoworks in Highland Park, IL, we repair exhaust systems and provide a wide range of auto services. The exhaust system can effect safety, pollution, and overall comfort.

Your vehicle’s exhaust system not only removes harmful exhaust gases and reduces engine noise, it also enhances the performance of your engine. Because of this, we repair exhaust systems carefully and accurately.

With a properly functioning exhaust system, the back pressure helps regulate your engine’s temperature. This will allow your vehicle to run longer. With the exhaust system functioning improperly (a clogged catalytic converter, for instance), it can cause the engine to run poorly, lose power, and even stop running altogether.

Our technicians are experienced at exhaust system repair. Highland Park, IL, and the surrounding communities have been relying on D&R Autoworks to keep their cars running smoothly and to repair damaged exhaust systems.

We can diagnose the problem if you failed your last inspection because of an emissions problem. The problem might be as simple as a tune-up, or your catalytic converter might need attention. It’s a complex system with many parts, and it can be functioning poorly without having exhibited any warning signs. When we diagnose and repair exhaust systems, we make sure the job it completed thoroughly and completely.

We’ll inspect and repair your entire exhaust system from the engine to the catalytic converter, to the tail pipe, free of charge to identify the problem and give you a written estimate before we repair any exhaust system components.

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