Engine Repair And Service

Keep The Heartbeat Of Your Car Alive

D & R Autoworks can identify any engine service problems you could be facing in the Highland Park, IL, area. We also create quick, accurate estimates to give you a good idea of how much your needed engine service will cost.

Once we know what’s wrong with your vehicle’s engine, we can do the complete engine service job at our convenient location in Highland Park, IL.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our engine service representatives are here to walk you through all of the steps of the engine repair process. What makes our engine service special? When we perform engine service, we’re convenient, fast, and trustworthy.

Telltale Signs You Need Engine Service

Some early signs you may need engine service include:

  • Strange Noises
  • Abnormal Functioning
  • Bumpy Acceleration
  • Moans
  • Whistles
  • Overheating

If you’ve noticed any of these telltale engine service signs, your car could be facing a major engine meltdown. The solution? You should make time to see a professional auto technician at D&R Autoworks.

Our engine service experts will identify the cause of your car’s engine issue and take the required steps to verify your engine does not incur any further damage. The key to any successful approach is to catch car engine problems early, since this will save on a major repair cost later on down the road.

Contact An Engine Service Specialist Today

If you have a total engine service breakdown, we can work with a local towing service to bring your car to our auto repair shop in Highland Park, Illinois. We can then move forward with the aforementioned diagnosis, estimate, and engine service you require.

With D&R Autoworks, you can have the satisfaction of knowing your car won’t be out of commission for long. We’ll do your engine service job fast and right – meaning you get right back onto the road, and back to your life as it ought to be!

D&R Autoworks is proudly serving the engine service needs of Highland Park and Deerfield, Illinois.

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