Your Vehicle’s Spring Maintenance Checklist

As we approach the end of these cold winter months, it’s important to do some after-winter maintenance. Safety is important to consider all year round, but we want to help by providing you with a checklist for your car’s care:

Check your antifreeze

Spring time is usually when you need to do a radiator flush. You want to be sure your antifreeze mixture is good to go.

Inspect Your Tires

Your tires were working really hard in the winter weather and need some tending to. Rotating these seasonally will extend their life. Also, air pressure goes down from the cold, so check your tire pressure and add air if necessary.

Wiper Blades

These take quite the beating from the snow. Now is a great time to replace your wipers.


Your engine works harder in winter driving conditions. Bring your car in to have its fluids topped.


Like everything else, your battery works extra hard in the cold weather. This can get drained, so keep your eyes opened for dimmed headlights or interior lights that imply a weak battery.

Test the A/C

I know it may still be cold out, but turn your A/C on full blast and make sure it doesn’t have any issues.


Once it seems like the snow is no longer here to stay, clean your vehicle’s underbody. This will get rid of the salt buildup over the past few months.

Taking these steps and getting a spring maintenance check will help keep your car in proper condition and give you peace of mind while on the road. It could also help with your fuel mileage or save you money by avoiding a summer breakdown.

For more information on care care and our services, contact us and set an appointment today!


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