What to say when buying a new car

Everyone has theories about how to buy a new car. Negotiating with the car dealer gets a lot of buzz. We hear about what you should not say to a dealer, but isn’t it easier to focus on what you should say? We made a list of things to tell your dealer that will help you get the best price and the best service on your new car.

“I’m not buying today”

Don’t be afraid to tell the salesperson that you won’t be buying a car on your first visit to the dealership. Test drive a few cars, research the internet, ask friends, and discuss with the dealer. See if you’re interested in buying at this dealership.

“I’m here for my appointment”

When you are ready, call to make an appointment. This shows that you are serious and ready to make a deal.

“I’ve done my research”

Show the dealer that you mean business. Go to the dealership with the invoice price and online pricing quotes in hand. The dealer will see you know the figures and are comfortable talking numbers.

“I know my credit score”

Don’t walk onto the lot until you know your credit score. If you signal that you “think” your score is decent, you’ve become vulnerable. When you come prepared with your credit score you are ready to talk about finances seriously.

“I won’t pay these extra fees”

Read the paperwork through with a critical eye. Never assume that you have to pay all the fees that are added on. Some fees are completely unnecessary. Tell the dealer you won’t pay the dealer prep or advertising fee and will look for another place to purchase if they won’t remove the fees.

“I’m going to leave”

If the deal is not smooth and you feel uncomfortable with the dealer, don’t hesitate to leave. Being pushed into a sale is not worth it.

At D&R Autoworks, we value our customers. That is why we strive to provide the best possible service and answer questions. We love talking about cars. As you start car shopping, ask us about the cars you’re considering. Stop by anytime with your questions!


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