Using Technology to Encourage Safe Driving with Teens

Teaching teens to drive safely and obey the rules of the road is not always an easy task. Just like many older adults, teens must deal with distractions every time they are on the road. Teens also face added pressure of drinking and driving. Helping teens drive safely may be easier with the help of technology.

There are several new devices and features to help parents encourage their tech-savvy teens to make smart driving decisions. Check out some of these new and developing technologies.


Mobile Apps – There are plenty of phone apps developed for encouraging safe driving habits and discouraging the use of phones while driving. Here are a few:

-DriveScribe – DriveScribe was developed to encourage safe driving by tracking performance and offering rewards for good habits. The app is used every time your teen gets behind the wheel. It blocks calls and messages, sends audible reminders, and alerts parents of any violations. Teens earn points for good driving behavior and can redeem them for gift cards.

-Teen Driver Log – Family Circle magazine developed an app called Teen Driving Log. This app helps new drivers track the time they spend behind the wheel as they prepare for their driving exam. This is a great tool for teens who have permits and need to practice driving for a certain number of hours. You can also log the driving conditions and record skills teens have practiced.

Pre-Collision technology – Several automakers are developing advanced systems that anticipate collisions and help the driver react quickly. Most systems use radar and will warn the driver by turning on lights, tightening the seatbelt, and even enacting the brakes if the driver does not.

Drunk-Driving prevention technology – There are several options for preventing teens from getting behind the wheel after drinking. One option is to install an ignition interlock device. These devices will not allow the driver to start the car if the In-vehicle breathalyzer shows the driver’s blood alcohol content to be above 0.08 or 0.00. You can learn more online or at auto dealers.

This list is just a taste of the many technological developments you can use to help your teen drivers. Teens often respond well to the use of technology, but you need to be careful when presenting some of these ideas. Make sure your teens know that you are interested in their safety and are not seeking ways to punish them or follow their every move. Find a plan that works for your family so your teens know that you are supporting them as they become responsible drivers. At D&R Autoworks, we want to help you support your family and encourage safe driving habits. If there is any way we can help, don’t hesitate to call or drop by. We would love to make sure your car is safe and ready to go for your new teen driver!


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