Use Winter as an Opportunity for Teaching Driving Skills

After years of experience, we parents know how important cautious driving is in the winter. The impending ice, sleet, and snow often have parents worried; if teens are just learning and haven’t had experience, you may be scared to let them take the wheel.

You do have right to be concerned. Teen drivers who have not driven in winter conditions are not used to the drastically different road conditions. Winter weather conditions require heightened senses and quicker reaction times. Fair-weather driving does not require the same level of attention and skill as winter driving. It may just be that your new teen driver is not experienced in these techniques.

So, should you enact a new rule to keep your teen drivers out of the driver’s seat for the next two months? Should you declare winter months off limits for driving? For all of you nervous parents, we have a classic word of wisdom: Practice makes perfect. Teens will only become seasoned drivers if they have practice in all weather conditions.

Teens should have plenty of experience with a parent or instructor in wintry conditions. As parents, you set the example for how your children will respond to changing conditions on the road. Lead by example and allow teens to drive with you in the car. Help them handle the slick roads by explaining the process and allowing them to practice.

Wintry road conditions can be the perfect opportunity to teach your children driving skills and help them become more confident and aware drivers. The roads shouldn’t scare you or your teens, but you should approach them with confidence and caution. At D&R Autoworks, we care know that handing the keys to a young driver this winter can be nerve-wrecking, but we believe that they are ready to learn how to safely handle the wintry conditions. As you are teaching your teens on the road, it is also wise to teach them some basic car care tips. Bring your teen’s car in to D&R Autoworks for regular maintenance this winter; we are here to help you and your family prepare!


Driver Safety
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