Time Management Tips for Teens

This is a busy time of year for many teenagers. Classes are in full swing and many high schoolers are facing finals in the next month. Students are often counting down to holiday breaks. With the hectic schedules, it is the perfect time to teach time management skills to your teenagers. Helping them improve their use of time will help them complete their responsibilities, feel less anxious, and more confident.

Here are some ways to promote strong time management skills for your teenagers.


Model good time management skills

When you exhibit a balanced lifestyle, your children will notice. They tend to pick up your habits, so be sure to plan your time wisely. Show your teens that organizing your tasks allows you to focus on your priorities and gives you free time to spend as you please.

Help them organize their main areas

Teenagers typically despise being told to make their beds or tidy up their rooms. However, we know that cleaning up the central areas of your life will help you stay organized and finish tasks faster. Explain to your teens that your goal in reminding them to clean is to help them reduce stress and to have more free time. Try supplying them with new organizational equipment so they can clean their rooms, study areas, and cars.

Encourage the use of a planner

Many teens believe they can remember their assignments without writing them down. They need to practice making lists and using schedules to make it a habit. Let your teens pick out a planner. At the beginning of each week, go through their schedule with them to make sure all important dates and deadlines are entered.

Help them prioritize their activities

People use lists in different ways. One simple technique is to prioritize each task on the list. Let your teens practice prioritizing their homework, tests, and projects. Remind them to cross off items when complete and to have a small reward when they’ve finished their tasks.

Help them prepare in the evening

One simple way to reduce chaos in your home is to teach your children to prepare for school the evening before. Teens can choose their outfits, prepare lunches, and pack their bags in the evening. When this becomes a habit, it is easier to rest knowing that the morning will be more smooth and the day’s work is done.


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