The I.C.E. Method: Emergency Contacts for Teen Drivers

Have you ever heard the term I.C.E.? Obviously we’re talking about more than just frozen water. When it comes to driver’s safety, I.C.E. means so much more than that. This three-letter acronym actually stands of In Case of Emergency, and it’s a simple abbreviation that can be life-saving in distressing situations—especially for teenage drivers.

For the past few weeks, we at D&R Autoworks have been talking about teenage drivers and their safety on the road. As an auto service provider, it’s an issue that is close to our hearts, and we don’t like the statistics which show that thousands of our young men and women are losing their lives on the road every year. That’s why we’re addressing this issue from as many angles as we can. We care about our kids too much to not say anything at all.

This week, we’re talking about that good ol’ I.C.E. If you’re a parent, you may have already heard about this method, and, if so, we’re happy that you’re using it. It’s such a helpful way for teens to know who to call when they’re under stress.

How does it work? It’s easy. Simply pull up the contacts list on your child’s phone and create several new entries, each beginning with “ICE.” These entries should include your and your spouse’s cell and work numbers, the number of a trusted friend in your neighborhood, the number of your auto insurance company and/or roadside assistance, and any other trusted sources they could call if they are in an auto accident. The entries can be labeled several different ways, either by using simple “ICE1,” “ICE2,” “ICE3,” etc., or by elaborating with “ICE – Mom Work,” and so on. However, the first method could prove to be more beneficial, as you can label the order in which your kids should make their calls.

The great thing about I.C.E. is that it comes in handy even beyond the road. If your teen is home alone and needs help, he or she can pull up the emergency contacts and find immediate assistance. The same can be done if they are at parties with friends and don’t want to get in a car with someone who has been drinking, or if they find themselves in any number of threatening situations such as theft, sexual assault or violence. Your kids won’t have to waste time looking for numbers or knowing who to contact. Instead, they’ll know there is a list ready for them and that they can just pull it up and start calling.

With teens being involved in thousands of auto accidents every year, we at D&R Autoworks believe that the I.C.E. method is a great thing. In fact, it could be useful for your entire family. Consider sitting down together and talking about what to do in emergency situations and address why each I.C.E. number is there. Preparing your teens for a situation will go a long way in helping them remain calm and knowing what to do should the actual event take place.

Parents, we know you love your children and would do anything to protect them. That’s why we encourage you to I.C.E. up. And if there’s anything we can do to help in the meantime, just let us know! We’re only a phone call or a short drive away.

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Driver Safety
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