The Dangers of not Getting Regular Oil Changes

The most important maintenance task that you can perform on your car is to change engine oil regularly. Follow directions set by the manufacturer regarding which oil runs what mileage depending on the driving conditions. The following are some of the key dangers of not getting regular oil changes:

Reduced Performance

The lack of a regular engine oil changes can lead to a reduced engine performance. Engine oil breaks down if over used. Engine components such as pistons and gaskets do not function well under improper engine oil. Your vehicle will not perform at its best hence you will notice a reduced gas mileage.

No Early Detection

A regular engine oil check may alert you of any engine anomalies. A regular engine oil change can tell if your engine burns oil quickly or has a leakage. Regular oil changes also alerts of other problems like engine coolant leaking & mixing with the engine oil.


Engine oil may get contaminated with dirt in one way or the other. And the longer the engine oil stays unchanged the greater the engine damage. Lack of a regular engine oil changes means that dirt is not eliminated from the engine before it causes damage.

Added Fuel Consumption

Delayed engine oil changes promote excess fuel consumption that interprets to extra money use. Fuel is not burnt completely in the combustion chamber since lack of clean oil causes friction. The not-fully burnt fuel comes out from the exhaust as smoke which is known to pollute our environment making it one of the key dangers of not getting regular oil changes.

Engine Breakdown

If you ignore to have a regular engine oil changes, you may increase the chance of your car break down. The engine may breakdown along busy roads, along country roads or at work. This is caused by repetitive rubbing of metal parts without lubrication causing engine shut down. Engine shutdown means that you will have to buy a new one or a major part of the engine which comes at a big price.

Reduced Engine Life

Lack of regular engine oil changes will shorten your engine’s life span. New engines cost thousands of dollars while reconditioned engines are not cheap either. Ignoring to change your car engine oil interprets that you will be purchasing new cars every now and then.

The above are some of the major dangers of not getting regular oil changes for your engine. Most people do not form a habit of changing oil regularly while others may forget completely. While a regular engine oil changes do not have much of benefits, it’s faced with numerous dangers of not getting a regular oil change.

Remember: regular oil changes promote improved performance, fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. For more information, contact D&R Autoworks.


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