The Benefits of Proper Maintenance for Your Vehicle

The Benefits of Proper Maintenance for Your Vehicle

A vehicle is a financial investment that you want to last for as long as possible. Routine car maintenance is definitely one of the most essential aspects of owning a vehicle. Failing to have the vehicle serviced at the recommended intervals could lead to numerous mechanical problems in the long run. Not only will routine maintenance help to sustain the overall value of the vehicle, it will also minimize the chances of premature engine, transmission and other major part failures. Here are some of the key benefits of proper maintenance for your vehicle.

Enhanced reliability
Most drivers expect their vehicle to deliver dependable service on a daily basis. A good way to preserve the reliability of a vehicle is to always have the required maintenance performed at the recommended intervals. Neglecting the required car maintenance dramatically increases the likelihood of you becoming stranded on the side of the road. Following the Manufacturer’s recommended service intervals can make a world of difference in the long-term reliability of your car. It is also very important to have the various components of the vehicle inspected on an annual basis.

Maintains the value of the vehicle
If you have intentions of getting a new car in the future, you current vehicle could prove to be a very valuable asset. Whether you plan on selling your ride on the used car market or trading it in to the dealership, it is important that the vehicle receives the proper care. The market value for a used vehicle depends heavily on its overall condition. In some instances, the condition of a vehicle could impact its overall value by thousands of dollars. A smooth running vehicle that is in excellent condition is sure to attract plenty of potential buyers.

Regular maintenance actually saves the car owner a lot of money over time. Having the vehicle serviced at the recommended intervals is a less expensive than then the expensive cost of major part failures. A properly maintained vehicle will always get better fuel efficiency, which is a very important factor when considering today’s high cost of fuel.

Prevents larger problems
By performing routine maintenance and annual inspections, you can prevent major problems before they happen. Keeping the fluids clean and changed on a regular schedule will help prevent wear of the components that those fluids lubricate and protect.

Extended Service Intervals

With todays vehicles most Manufacturers have gone to an extended oil life interval for normal driving conditions. It is important to read your vehicles owners guide to define the driving conditions for the proper oil life interval. Most newer vehicles are using a synthetic oil, yet some are sill using a conventional motor oil. So what is best for you and your vehicle? An oil change is an inexpensive way to keep the inside of your engine clean and prevent major internal failures. We recommend performing synthetic oil changes every 6 months or 6,000 miles and performing an oil change every 4 months or 4,000 miles for vehicles with synthetic blend or conventional oil.

Does time rally matter? Yes, even if you don’t go the mileage, engine oil can break down by time. Temperature changes and weather conditions can effect your oil life.


Ensures your safety
Your personal safety is the number one reason why you should have your vehicle maintained on a regular basis. A malfunctioning set of brakes or an improper wheel alignment substantially decreases the safety profile of a vehicle. When you are traveling on the road, every safety component needs to be in tip-top working condition.

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