Stressed Drivers: What to Do About Road Rage

When was the last time you got stressed on the road? It happens nearly every day. There you are, calmly entering the traffic flow on the highway or pulling out of your neighborhood. The next thing you know, a car pops up out of thin air and conveniently slips itself into the small space between you and the car you’re following. Maybe the driver behind you lays on the horn, waving both fists at you and shouting. All drivers witness road rage, but how we handle the stress is important.

Road rage is a very real part of driving. We want you and your family to stay safe on the road, so this series of blog posts will focus on how to handle other aggressive drivers and how to ease your rage on the road. Read on to see what to do when the drivers around you get a bit hostile.

When you see a driver getting angry or acting aggressive, your gut reaction might be to respond in anger. There are three simple reasons to avoid getting mad.

The first is that your anger won’t help the situation. If you start yelling back, you’ve only upset yourself more. Your anger might last a few minutes, or it may set you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. by the time you’ve finished your rant, the other driver is long gone and not thinking about you. Do yourself a favor by taking a deep breath and backing off or getting away from the situation carefully.

The second reason you shouldn’t respond in anger is that you do not know why this driver acted so rude or drove dangerously. Yes, the driver could have simply been impatient and in a bad mood. But, you don’t know what really happened. Maybe he or she just found out a relative was in an accident. It is possible that the driver lost his or her job. Now, you won’t know the cause of the road rage, but considering it this way helps you move on.

The third reason you should be careful about road rage in other drivers is that it could potentially be dangerous. There are several incidences each year that road rage leads drivers to harm other people on the road. It is better to be safe and avoid a confrontation.

Our next post will discuss how to stay calm and help your teenage drivers avoid road rage.


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