Stay Calm and Prevent Road Rage

Road rage affects all drivers at some point. You may feel the rage on your morning commute, while your teen may sense it after school. Many factors trigger road rage, so there are several ways to calm yourself down when you feel the anger rising.

Here are some simple steps to reducing road rage. Once you understand the ideas, ask your teenager if he or she ever gets angry when driving. Let them know that it is a common problem- you experience it, too.

Plan your route before any trip to avoid traffic spots and rush hour. Your trip might not be direct, but avoiding the traffic hot spots will help you stay calm. Follow the traffic on an app on your phone or a local news site before you hop in the car.

If you notice an aggressive driver who is trying to start something, do not make eye contact with him or her. Keep your distance and focus on your own driving.

When another driver makes you angry, take several slow deep breaths. Focus on the road. If you need to cool down, find a safe place to pull over and relax.

If your commute is guaranteed to put you in road rage territory, find a calming playlist, an audio book or a radio program to listen to as you drive. Having a regular easy listening routine can help you stay calm.

If you’re upset or angry, don’t get in the car. Driving while upset is a huge distraction. Calm down and wait until you compose yourself or ask a friend to drive.

If you notice road rage becoming a problem, look for other options. You could take public transportation or carpool with friends and co-workers. Being in the driver’s seat fewer times than normal can reduce your stress.

How do you handle road rage? We want you and your family to stay safe on the road. You can trust us to take care of your car just the way you take care of your family.


Driver Safety
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