New Year’s Resolutions: Auto Style

This is the year that your resolutions will not be forgotten. Your list will not be crumpled up in frustration in the coming weeks. We think you have the determination to meet your goals.

At D&R Autoworks, we love everything related to automobiles. We know them well and we like to learn about them. This year we want to share some auto-related resolutions that you and your family might find interesting.

Teach Your Teen Auto Care (or Learn With your Teen) -

Whether you are an auto junkie or clueless about cars, there are some basics that every driver should know. Teach your children some basics this year or consider taking a class with your teen driver.

Road Trip

Check out a new destination either near or far from your home, and plan a road trip for some quality on-the-road time. A road trip can be the perfect way to explore the country, spend quality time with loved ones, and visit new places.

Teach Your Teen to Drive a Stick

Consider teaching your teens how to drive a manual transmission this year. While automatic vehicles are the standard now, you never know when an emergency might make this skill important. Say a friend of your teen drives a stick shift and your teen needs to take the wheel- it is worth preparing your teen.

Buy Your Dream Car (or start saving)

Why not plan for that dream car? Put your finances in order this year so you’re prepared when the right time comes. Or, if your teen has his or eyes on a new car or hopes to buy one in the coming years, help your teen set a goal and start saving money.

Auto Care Resolutions Help from D&R Autoworks

Do you have any auto-related resolutions or goals this year? Let us know your ideas! Whether you just want to pay more attention to the maintenance of your vehicles or you want to tune up your car before you head on a family vacation, D&R Autoworks is here to provide the highest quality of service all year. Stay in touch with us on our D&R Autoworks Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all of your auto needs this year.


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