How to Tell if It’s Time for New Tires

As years pass with your car, your tires are going to wear out. Regular tire maintenance and know when it’s time for new tires is very important.

To get the most out of your tires, know what maintenance needs to be done and when.

Rotation: Rotating your tires is a simple maintenance to keep them lasting longer. Ideally, you want the tread depth to be the same on the rear and front tires. A great way to remember to do this is to rotate them every other oil change.

Air Pressure: If your air pressure is too low, you’ll wear out the sides of your tires much quicker. If the air pressure is too high, you’ll wear out the center tread more quickly. Regularly check your tire pressure and be sure it matches up with the rating on your driver’s side door or manual.

Alignment: If your alignment is off, your tires are forced to work much harder. They will also wear in strange patterns. Alignment issues should be taken care of right away.

When should I replace my tires?

An easy way to determine if its time for new tires is with a tread depth gauge. This can be inserted in the tire tread to determine depth. Tire tread is measured in 32nds of an inch. If your tires are starting to get down near 3/32 of tread, it’s time you replace them.

Another option is to have your tread checked during other routine maintenance services and ask for the mechanic’s recommendations.

Having your tires in good condition not only saves you money on early replacement; keeping your tires maintained is vital to your safety.


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