How to Spot Car Battery Maintenance Issues

Car batteries are a crucial component of your car. After all, without them, your car will not operate. Although many modern-day car battery manufacturers prevent you from checking your car battery, most traditional car batteries can be surveyed for maintenance. The key is knowing what the telltale signs of car battery maintenance issues are, and D & R Autoworks is here to help.

Signs Your Car Battery Needs Maintenance:

Water Levels

It is impossible to check your car battery’s cell water levels if you have a sealed cap. However, in the event that you have a see-through car battery case, you will still be able to examine your battery cell water reservoirs. If you discover that your water is low, do not try to remove the sealed cap yourself. Instead, visit a supplier or car technician.

If you have a car battery with a removable seal, you may safely replenish the water levels yourself as needed. There is one stipulation, though. Only DISTILLED water should be put in the battery cells, as it is crucial to maintaining the protection of the battery’s electrolytes.

Battery Posts

Battery posts are essential to the security of this component’s cables. Because of this, you will want to regularly check your car battery posts for corrosion or buildup. If you do spot corrosion, it is best to clean it up upon discovery.

Car Battery Wires

In addition to checking your car battery posts and water levels, wires should also be checked for fraying or other damage. Impaired car battery wires can drain your battery and sometimes even make it non-functioning. To avoid this from happening, damaged cables should be replaced immediately.

Car Battery Connections

Another key maintenance factor to look for is proper battery connections. In order for your car battery to be fully functioning your connections need to be tight. This is important because it supplies all of the necessary starting and operation components with the proper voltage.

Regularly checking your car battery for maintenance issues is an important part of being a car owner. Taking the preventative measures mentioned above can help you increase the life of your car battery, something that saves you time and money in the long run.


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