Home for the Holidays: Welcoming Your Teens Home From College

Are you anxiously awaiting the arrival of your child from college for the winter break? You may envision your whole family around the Christmas tree living out old family traditions. Your excitement is natural, but we want to help you prepare for your college-aged child’s return and their stay at home.

Your whole family is looking forward to a break for different reasons. Remember that even though the whole family is back together, life won’t be the same as it was before your teen went off to college. Realizing this will help you embrace the changes and enjoy the time you have together.

Most parents and their college-aged children struggle with house rules while teens are home for break. Instead of causing tension, shift your perception. Your teens are learning to be adults- like you. So, in a home with multiple adults, negotiate new understandings that work for both of you. You are still the leaders of your home, and your children can respect your position by their behavior. For example, a curfew may be out of the picture, but your teens can let you know when they expect to be home and tell you their plans in advance.

Your teens have gained new interests and picked up new hobbies during their time at school- take advantage of this time to share things with each other. If your daughter is suddenly excited about yoga or baking, ask her to show you some new things. It gives you the perfect opportunity to share your interests and enjoy time with your children.

For all of you with teens coming home from college, we wish you a calm and pleasant break. You and your teens are entering a new phase and you’ll appreciate the changes that come as your children grow to appreciate your family. All of us at D&R Autoworks hope you and your family have a peaceful winter filled with new memories.


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