Get Ready to Road Trip: Spring Auto Maintenance

Spring has arrived and with it comes the urge to hop in the car, roll down the windows and hit the open road. At the first sign of a sunny day, I know that I start making excuses to take long drives. Before we set out on a road trip, we need to make sure our cars are ready for spring. Take care of some spring cleaning maintenance tasks now to make sure your car stays in good condition all season.

After a long winter, you might want your mechanic to complete a thorough maintenance review of your vehicles. The mechanics at D&R Autoworks know just how winter driving can affect your vehicle, so we are ready to investigate and make any repairs you need. Give us a call at (847) 433-4343 to set up an appointment.

Wash the salt off your car. Giving your car a thorough cleaning will help it run better (and look better!). Make sure your car wash sprays under the car to clear out all the road salt that has built up.

Check and replace your air filter. While you’re cleaning, you may want to replace the air filter for cleaner breathing and improving the vehicle’s life expectancy and fuel efficiency.

The rainy season is upon us. Get ready by checking your tires. As the temperatures change, your tire pressure changes too. You’ll want to make sure the inflation is correct. Check tire tread. If it is too low, you’ll have less traction and be more prone to slick wet roads.

Clean up the interior. Its hard to keep your car’s interior clean when you track in salt, snow and dirt. Take a vacuum to all seats and floor mats. If you have rubber floor mats, rinse them off with soap and water and let air dry. Clean the interior of the windshield and wipe down the steering wheel, console and dashboard.


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