Gearing up for School

At D&R Autoworks, we care about more than just cars. We care about the people inside them. That’s why, this month, we’re taking a break from talking about belts, engines and alignment to help our customers prepare for the biggest event of the month: the return to school!

school sign

Since the first bell won’t ring for a few weeks, now is the time to make sure all of the pieces are in place. If you’re a veteran parent, you’re likely familiar with the routine, but for those who are new to the process, there can be a lot to remember, including a few things you might not have considered. And, even if you are a seasoned pro, it never hurts to review!

In order to make the process easier, we at D&R are sharing a checklist that outlines a few items you’ll want to keep in mind as the big day draws near.

  1. Implement school bedtimes now. Letting the kids stay up for Letterman during the summer was probably a great way to relax the routine, but when the school year begins, you’ll want to make sure they get proper rest. Don’t wait until the night before school to start instituting the semester’s bedtime. Make the change a week or two before school begins so that your family will be adjusted to the new schedule.
  2. Create a family calendar. Before the year starts, get as much information about your children’s activities as you can and mark them on your calendar. It may also help to color-code each person’s itinerary and to include times and locations. Add both you and your spouse’s functions to the same calendar so that nothing gets double-booked.
  3. Organize school forms. The school will likely send you a lot of information, and you’ll receive a great deal more during registrations and meetings. Prepare now by creating a space in your home for these forms and consider how you will file and manage them. And don’t forget to review them with your child. They’ll need to know what’s going on, too!
  4. Get supplies. Your child will be given a checklist of items needed for the coming year, so you’ll inevitably have to make a trip to the store. Look at ads to find the best deals on paper, pens, highlighters and binders before you head out, and don’t forget to shop at home first! Yes, it can be fun and exciting to buy all new things, but with the need to save money, do a quick investigation of your home supply stock before you purchase any new materials. (Hint: This very much includes your closet. Before you buy all new clothes for your child, be sure you don’t already have something similar hidden between items at home.)
  5. Post and review your child’s schedule. This will help you both prepare mentally for each day. Plus, experts say that knowing your child’s specific daily class schedule gives you a great way to engage in conversation when the day is done.

Recently, “Good Morning America” parenting expert Ann Pleshette Murphy offered a few unique tips to help both parents and kids prepare for the upcoming year. Some of these included discussing and setting goals for the year, creating a comfortable and productive homework station and securing babysitters for school/parent nights ahead of time before they’re all booked up. Good advice, we think!

Above all, we hope you’ll remember to count the experience as a blessing. Through the education process, your children will gain skills and knowledge that will help equip them for a bright future. And, at D&R Autoworks, know that we’ll always be happy to help as they take on the road ahead.


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