Gas Prices Going Down

Drivers have been in pain at the pump for quite a while. Prices are still high, but drivers can expect some relief in the coming weeks.

Gas prices have been trending downward across the country. After a nearly three month upward trend, U.S. gasoline prices have recently dropped for the first time in several months. You can expect to see the prices keep dropping.

It is hard to believe that gas prices averaged $1.60 per gallon just ten years ago. Now, the national average sits around $3.74. Driving a car is obviously not a requirement, but most of us have to drive often. Filling up the tank puts a big burden on families and individuals across the U.S.

We can never guess how gas prices will change, so how can we keep our gas expenses down? Here are a few tips for saving money on gas.

Change How You Drive

Improve your gas mileage by changing some driving habits.

  • Clean out the trunk of your car to make your load smaller
  • Turn off the car when waiting at a railroad, long traffic light or the ATM
  • Put the car in neutral when sitting still
  • Open your windows at low speeds and use the air conditioner at high speeds
  • Keep the ride smooth by braking less and paying more attention to the traffic

Make Smart Routes

You don’t have to stay at home all the time to save money on gas. Planning your routes and trips helps you stop wasting money on unnecessary driving.

  • Carpool with co-workers, relatives, and friends when possible
  • Plan multiple trips at once
  • Avoid going to the store for the one thing you forgot by making lists and double checking your items
  • Pick the route with the least traffic and busy intersections to avoid idling

We hope that gas prices stay on the decline. In the meantime, these tips will help you be a more efficient driver. Stay in touch with us on our D&R Autoworks Facebook as we keep an eye on the prices at the pump.


Gas Prices
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