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  • School Bus Safety

    Tuesday 14 May 2013

    As the weather improves and the sun stays out longer, we find ourselves heading to more outdoor activities. This might mean that you take your pets with you more often. Maybe you drive them to the park or let them go with you while you run errands. Having your pets with you can be fun and, at times, necessary, but having pets in the car while you drive increases the risk of a crash. A recent study showed that both the overall and at-fault crash rates for drivers 70 years of age... read more

  • Stay Calm and Prevent Road Rage

    Friday 19 April 2013

    Road rage affects all drivers at some point. You may feel the rage on your morning commute, while your teen may sense it after school. Many factors trigger road rage, so there are several ways to calm yourself down when you feel the anger rising. Here are some simple steps to reducing road rage. Once you understand the ideas, ask your teenager if he or she ever gets angry when driving. Let them know that it is a common problem- you experience it, too. Plan your route... read more

  • Common Mistakes Good Drivers Make

    Wednesday 03 April 2013

    Most drivers don’t realize that 6.3 million car crashes take place on the roads each year. Many of these accidents involve good drivers. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes that good drivers make and how you can avoid them. 1. Too Much Confidence You’ve been driving forever and you have to admit, you’re a pretty good driver. Guess what .. just about everybody on the road thinks they’re a great driver and most of them disobey driving safety on a regular basis, u... read more

  • Use Winter as an Opportunity for Teaching Driving Skills

    Wednesday 02 January 2013

    After years of experience, we parents know how important cautious driving is in the winter. The impending ice, sleet, and snow often have parents worried; if teens are just learning and haven’t had experience, you may be scared to let them take the wheel. You do have right to be concerned. Teen drivers who have not driven in winter conditions are not used to the drastically different road conditions. Winter weather conditions require heightened senses and quicker reaction times... read more

  • Study Shows Drowsiness is Major Risk for Teen Drivers

    Monday 26 November 2012

    “Be Safe! No texting and driving!” Something similar to this phrase is shouted in homes across the country as teens grab the car keys and step out the door. What advice do you give your teens about driving? Do you remind them not to use their phones and not to drive after drinking alcohol? These are great and necessary reminders for teen drivers. However, there is another major risk that you may forget. Teen drivers are susceptible to dangers caused by drow... read more

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