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  • Avoid an Increase in your Car Insurance

    Tuesday 10 September 2013

    Most people find it inevitable to avoid extra car insurance cost because of trying to use shortcuts. However, at the end of the day these people usually end up incurring a lot in terms of other costs and this can only be avoided in a number of ways. Below are some of the ways that people can use to avoid an increase in their car insurance costs. It has come to be known that among the easiest and less demanding ways of avoiding the increasing costs of car insurance is by driving... read more

  • Tips for Safe Travels this Memorial Day

    Friday 24 May 2013

    Many of you are probably taking off today to enjoy your Memorial Day weekend somewhere else. However, since many of us have the same idea, this is going to cause crowded highways and possibly some backed up traffic. Memorial Day Weekend is in fact one of the busiest for car travel; right up there with the Fourth of July. As you probably know, more cars on the road means more auto accidents. Because of this, law enforcement will be out in full force. Before heading to the la... read more

  • Stressed Drivers: What to Do About Road Rage

    Monday 15 April 2013

    When was the last time you got stressed on the road? It happens nearly every day. There you are, calmly entering the traffic flow on the highway or pulling out of your neighborhood. The next thing you know, a car pops up out of thin air and conveniently slips itself into the small space between you and the car you’re following. Maybe the driver behind you lays on the horn, waving both fists at you and shouting. All drivers witness road rage, but how we handle the stress is important... read more

  • Are High Tech Cars Safe?

    Monday 18 March 2013

    The auto industry is heading into new territory soon, as many manufacturers plan to equip cars with wireless hot spots and broadband connections. These features could improve the driving experience, but they also bring safety concerns. These new connected cars would allow passengers to have wireless connection for several phones, tablets, computers or other devices. A WIFI hotspot would let passengers have internet access. Advocates for Connected Cars The auto ind... read more

  • Wintry Driving Conditions: What You Need in an Emergency

    Wednesday 06 March 2013

    The recent snow that stormed across the midwest was a wakeup call for many drivers who were stuck on the road. We started thinking about all those accidents and abandoned cars and remembered how important it is to have an emergency kit. We should all keep an emergency kit in the car all year, but driving in winter conditions makes this even more important. When you’re caught in a blizzard or other cold weather conditions, you never know how long you’ll wait until help comes. Keeping... read more

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