Car Parts That Don’t Like Sun Exposure

Driving a car and owning one is almost everyone’s goal in the modern world and people work hard and make sacrifices to own this precious machine. The car should be well maintained to provide maximum safety to the driver by taking care of the car parts that can get destroyed easily and hence increase maintenance costs. Different car parts require different preservation measures as exposure to extreme conditions may increase the maintenance costs.

Exposing your car to extreme sunlight is likely to overheat the car and damage some of the car parts which include the dashboard, the steering wheel, the battery, the windshield wipers, the gas, the tires and the transmission system. The vehicles can even get damaged while parked especially in summer time. Here are some of the car parts that can get damaged by excessive heat from the sun.

Car Battery

Exposing your car to excess sun is likely to drain your car battery or even zap the battery in the car. This lowers the lifespan of the car battery therefore increasing the maintenance costs of your car as this call for a new one. Make sure you test the car battery before you start driving to avoid any malfunctions that could cause an accident. For long trips, the driver should be armed with an extra set of cables jumper cables to use in case of emergencies

Windshield Wipers

Windshield car wipers are important car parts as they enhance clear sight of the road especially when there is fog in the atmosphere. Exposing your windshield wipers to excessive heat makes them get stuck on the windscreen and hence smear more dirt on the screen other than clean it. They also get loose and lower their effectiveness on cleaning and hence may hinder a clear view which is dangerous for the driver


Most of the car tires are manufactured to withstand high temperatures caused by friction that happens when the car is moving. This, however, does not warrant you to expose your car to sun as this is likely to cause tire inflations and eventual bursting of the tires. Proper inspection should be done on the car tires before setting off for a long journey to avoid this occurrences happening while you are on the road.


Gas is found in a car in liquid form, and any excessive heat emanating from the sun, and striking the car is likely to evaporate. This definitely calls for the owner to refill the gas which creates a cost which previously was anticipated. Fan belts are also not spared by parking the vehicle in an open scorching sun.

Maintaining a car to achieve maximum road safety is very important to any driver, parking the car in the shade will protect these car parts that are vulnerable to damage by heat from any damage, and hence keep the maintenance cost low as well as keeping you safe from accidents. In addition, conducting a thorough inspection on the car helps the owner to repair or replace defective car parts before it’s too late.

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