Best Car Washing and Maintenance Tips

Do I really need to wax my car? Below are some of the benefits and importance of car washing and waxing.

Protection of the car

Car waxing helps in protecting the car from different types of weather, like freezing temperatures or extreme heat. We also recommend purchasing a wax that will help keep the vehicle safe from damages that are usually caused by bad weather.

In places that receive low temperatures, car owners are recommended to wash and wax their cars so as to avoid any beatings from salts on the road during the winter. If the car is not properly waxed during the winter, the vehicle’s body will rust and wear out.

Cleanliness and looks of the vehicle

Waxing and regular washing of the vehicle will help remove contaminants from the surface of the vehicle and therefore slow down the wear and tear of the body of the vehicle. It also helps in maintaining new looks and make the vehicle look clean and brand new throughout the year. Taking care of the vehicle and waxing it is also another way of maintaining and even increasing its value and worth.

Increase vehicle’s resale value

Regular waxing will help improve the looks of the vehicle hence making it more valuable and appear just as new as before.

Most of us are used to taking our cars through the car wash when its time to be washed. However, these car washes tend to use harmful brushes when cleaning the vehicle’s body and brushes are typically covered with dirt and grime from other vehicles. The brushes will also leave small scratches on the body of the vehicle which could lead to damaging scratches. Such scratches can also lead to rust and further damages due to the clear coat being scratches away.

We recommend using a follow cleaner/polish application while removing minor imperfections that are caused by sun damage. This will help provide a clean, smooth surface in preparation for the polish or wax. Next, be sure to follow the simple directions which are usually provided by manufacturers or in the bottle and apply the application in a circular motion.

Wax will provide the best results to help maintain the value of your car while also making it shine!


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