Back in the Swing!

School’s back in session once again, and we can almost hear the sounds. Groans from kids who miss the summer, bells ringing in crowded hallways, lockers slamming, computers clicking, and parents everywhere singing a hallelujah chorus. It’s a mixture of chaos and excitement, and it’s one of the liveliest times of year.

In an effort to help our customers who have kids make it through the first week or two of school, we at D&R Autoworks want to offer a few tips that can help take the stress out of the new routine. It’s a challenging time, but it can be made easier by being prepared and intentional.

child photo

First, it’s important to establish a routine. During those first few days, find your footing. Keep a good calendar for times, activities and events, and make sure your kids are aware of what each day holds. Do both them and yourself a favor by being in the know and ready for what’s ahead. This will help alleviate stress and lessen the opportunity for confusion and conflict that can create problems in the day. Even if your kids think it’s annoying, run through the day’s schedule with them ahead of time so that they can focus on what’s important—the academics—instead of on remembering where they’re supposed to be and when.

A few practical chores can also help establish order to the new schedule. When possible, pack lunches the night before and set out what outfits your kids will be wearing. Be sure that backpacks are loaded and ready to go in the morning before you go to bed so that you can just grab and go in the a.m.

One of the most challenging parts for your kids will likely be the return of homework. While their summer was free and clear of academic responsibility, they’ll now have to set aside many of their fun activities in order to study. Help them by designating a specific space and time for homework and encouraging them through it. Do your best to make sure they aren’t overwhelmed and help them establish proper balance finding time for both work and play in appropriate measures.

Now, it’s also important to remember that the first week will most likely be full of drama. There are new friends, new dynamics, old enemies, new teachers and different environments. It’s just going to be challenging. Set aside time to talk with your kids about how they’re adjusting and let them know it’s okay to struggle as they start a new situation. Engage with them by specifically asking about things that are new this year and how you can help them through the difficult parts. While you might not be able to solve their problems, you can at least let them know you care and are there for them when they need you.

Yes, school is here again. And before you know it, summer will be back and we’ll be wondering where the time went. Until then, however, make the most of the semester by setting up good habits from the start. Doing so will go a long way in helping alleviate problems as the school year gets going and things really get crazy. At D&R Autoworks, we want you to know that we support our community and love its families, so if there’s anything we can do to help, let us know! Especially if it involves auto service. . .We’re good at that.


Back to School
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