Are High Tech Cars Safe?

The auto industry is heading into new territory soon, as many manufacturers plan to equip cars with wireless hot spots and broadband connections. These features could improve the driving experience, but they also bring safety concerns.

These new connected cars would allow passengers to have wireless connection for several phones, tablets, computers or other devices. A WIFI hotspot would let passengers have internet access.

Advocates for Connected Cars

The auto industry is pushing for the “car of tomorrow”, claiming the technology will improve the driving experience and make the roads more safe. Users could stream music and movies to the car, among other entertainment features.

These connected cars would also let the manufacturer remotely monitor and upgrade the vehicle’s software. The technology could keep drivers safe by notifying the driver of weather forecasts and traffic problems in their area. Many hope that this technology will allow vehicles to “talk” to other vehicles with the advanced use of radar, sensors and cameras.

Concern for Safety

The initial reaction to a connected car is worry. Distracted driving contributes to many accidents and deaths each year, and it seems that a connected car would bring more distraction. As technology advances, drivers still need to be just as cautious to avoid distraction.

We hope that this new technology will help drivers be even more safe as they navigate the road. Professionals are still developing the “car of tomorrow”, but we are excited to see how connected cars can improve our driving experience.


Auto Safety
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