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Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

An oil change should be a top priority for car owners looking to keep their engine in good running condition. Fortunately, getting an oil change costs little money in the grand scheme of car maintenance. The key, however, is knowing when you car is due for an oil change. Need some guidance? D & R Autoworks of Highland Park, Illinois, has the details about the telltale signs your car is in need of an oil change. Oil Change Guidelines: Oil change rule #1 – Get an oil change every 3,000 miles…or so. If you have been a car owner for awhile, you have probably heard the once golden rule for getting an oil change: Do it every 3,000 miles. Although your car certainly won’t see any adverse effects if you abide by this rule, you may be unnecessarily spending money. Many of today’s newer car engines are designed with less oil change maintenance in mind. Because of this, getting an oil change every 4-6,000 miles is considered perfectly good car maintenance. Even so ... read more


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