6 Auto Maintenance Tasks to Never Neglect

There are a number of simple but serious mistakes that individuals make when trying to keep their vehicles in good shape. The following include some of the most common auto maintenance tasks that we recommend you not forget.

Properly inflating your tires

An auto maintenance tasks that you must never forget is to regularly check your vehicle’s tires to ensure they have the proper air pressure. If they require air, ensure your fill them up to the desired level listed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Note that if your tires are not properly inflated, they tend to wear faster and are normally unreliable on the road. Also, be sure to rotate the tires on a regular basis in order to ensure they wear evenly.

Paying close mind to the brakes

When brakes start to sound or feel differently, this is something that calls for urgent auto maintenance. However, most individual postpone until they forget completely. By doing so, they expose themselves to high chances of deadly accidents not to mention the need to pay more as the problem escalates. To avoid this, be sure to get your brakes checked immediately after you notice a creeping or humming sound or if they become spongy or less responsive than usual.

Replacing windshield wiper blades

Wiper blades are supposed to be replaced regularly depending on your prevailing climate. This is important to ensure you will see ahead especially in case of light rain as well as to avoid scenarios where your wipers smear your windshield such that everything seems blurred or you can’t see anything at all. Failing to observe this simple auto maintenance task increases incidences of accidents.

Changing oil

Most individuals tend to put off this task too long, or completely forget it. This is a serious mistake as without oil, your car will begin to fail. Changing oil is important as it maintains your vehicle at optimal operational levels by keeping the engine alive and firing on all cylinders of your car.

Keeping your air filters clean.

Do not forget to have your air filters changed once they get too clogged. Otherwise, it will cause some damage to your vehicle engine resulting to it burning more fuel than necessary. Have them checked and changed when necessary will save you money and give your car a long useful life.

Battery maintenance

Due to the fact that modern batteries do not need regular maintenance, it has becomes very easy for some individuals to forget to get their battery checked up as recommend. Do not ignore when your dashboard shows that your battery is malfunctioning. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a dead battery which could leave you stuck.

These auto maintenance tasks can be easy to forget, but are all extremely important to remember. Remember to get regular maintenance checks for your vehicle to keep it in good condition and keep it from costing you money.

For more information about taking great care of your car, contact your local experts at D&R Autoworks.


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