• How to Spot Car Battery Maintenance Issues

    Friday 04 October 2013

    Car batteries are a crucial component of your car. After all, without them, your car will not operate. Although many modern-day car battery manufacturers prevent you from checking your car battery, most traditional car batteries can be surveyed for maintenance. The key is knowing what the telltale signs of car battery maintenance issues are, and D & R Autoworks is here to help. Signs Your Car Battery Needs Maintenance: Water Levels It is impossible to che... read more

  • Transmission Slipping: What is It and is It Serious?

    Tuesday 01 October 2013

    Transmission slipping is indicative of a serious car problem. Unlike some car issues that are okay to go unattended to for awhile, signs of transmission slipping calls for immediate action to be taken. Why? Left untreated, transmission slipping can result in serious car damage and expensive car repair costs, something nobody wants. As a car owner, knowing the telltale signs of transmission slipping is important in protecting your vehicle, and D & R Autoworks is here to help. Sig... read more

  • What is That Sound my Car is Making?

    Thursday 19 September 2013

    Every driver should master the various warning car sounds that signal specific mechanical problems early enough for effective intervention. Drivers who learn to maintain some closeness with their cars will easily tell when the engine requires some maintenance or whether some part requires replacement. The knowledge of some common sounds can help the driver make the right diagnosis to determine how and when to fix the problem. The following tips should help any discerning... read more

  • The Dangers of not Getting Regular Oil Changes

    Thursday 12 September 2013

    The most important maintenance task that you can perform on your car is to change engine oil regularly. Follow directions set by the manufacturer regarding which oil runs what mileage depending on the driving conditions. The following are some of the key dangers of not getting regular oil changes: Reduced Performance The lack of a regular engine oil changes can lead to a reduced engine performance. Engine oil breaks down if over used. Engine components such as pis... read more

  • Avoid an Increase in your Car Insurance

    Tuesday 10 September 2013

    Most people find it inevitable to avoid extra car insurance cost because of trying to use shortcuts. However, at the end of the day these people usually end up incurring a lot in terms of other costs and this can only be avoided in a number of ways. Below are some of the ways that people can use to avoid an increase in their car insurance costs. It has come to be known that among the easiest and less demanding ways of avoiding the increasing costs of car insurance is by driving... read more

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